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What to Eat With Buffalo Chicken Dip: Delicious Pairings for Game Day Delights!

What to Eat With Buffalo Chicken Dip?

When enjoying buffalo chicken dip, there are numerous side dishes that pair well with it.

Some popular options include celery sticks, tortilla chips, tostadas, carrot sticks, nachos, and crispy green beans.

Other delicious choices include sliced baguette, pretzel twists, cucumber slices, pita chips, and broccoli poppers.

For a lighter option, try bell pepper strips, grilled zucchini slices, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, or potato skins.

The possibilities are endless, but these side dishes provide a range of textures and flavors that complement the spicy and creamy buffalo chicken dip.

Quick Tips and Facts:

1. The first recorded recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip was actually created in a bar in Buffalo, New York, during the early 1980s. It was initially intended to be a sauce for chicken wings, but its popularity soon grew and people began using it as a dip.

2. The original Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe calls for blue cheese dressing, but over time, many variations have emerged. Some people prefer using ranch dressing or a combination of both to give the dip a milder flavor.

3. Did you know that Buffalo Chicken Dip is not just limited to chicken? You can also substitute the chicken with other proteins like shredded beef, turkey, or even tofu to create a flavorful vegetarian version!

4. Buffalo Chicken Dip is incredibly versatile and can be used in various dishes. You can spread it on pizza as a sauce, stuff it into sandwiches or sliders, or even mix it in with macaroni and cheese to create a hearty and spicy pasta dish.

5. When it comes to choosing the right accompaniments for Buffalo Chicken Dip, the options are endless! Besides the classic choices like tortilla chips, celery sticks, and carrots, some people also enjoy pairing it with spiced sweet potato fries, pretzel bites, or even pita bread for a delicious twist.


When it comes to enjoying Buffalo Chicken Dip, adding some fresh vegetables to the mix can provide a refreshing and nutritious contrast to the creamy and spicy flavors of the dip. Consider the following options:

  • Celery sticks: offer a satisfying crunch and are a traditional accompaniment to buffalo wings.
  • Carrot sticks: bring a touch of sweetness and vibrant color to the plate.
  • Sliced bell pepper strips: the crispness of the bell peppers perfectly complements the creamy dip.
  • Cucumber slices: provide a cool and refreshing element to the dip.
  • Grilled zucchini slices: offer a hint of smokiness that pairs well with the spicy kick of the buffalo chicken dip.
  • Broccoli florets and cauliflower florets: add variety, texture, and added nutrition to the dish.

Remember, incorporating fresh vegetables into your Buffalo Chicken Dip not only enhances the overall flavor but also provides additional nutrients.

Tortilla Options:

For those who prefer a more substantial base to their buffalo chicken dip, tortilla options are a fantastic choice. Tortilla chips are a classic and crowd-pleasing choice with their distinct crunch and ability to scoop up the dip effortlessly. If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, try tostadas, which are essentially flat and crispy tortillas that provide a sturdy platform for the buffalo chicken dip.

If you want to get creative, consider using pita chips, which offer a unique texture and a touch of Mediterranean flair. Their sturdy shape allows for easy dipping, ensuring that you can savor every bite of the delicious buffalo chicken dip.

  • Tortilla chips: classic and crowd-pleasing with a distinct crunch
  • Tostadas: flat and crispy tortillas, provide a sturdy platform for dipping
  • Pita chips: unique texture with a touch of Mediterranean flair, easy to dip

“For those who prefer a more substantial base to their buffalo chicken dip, tortilla options are a fantastic choice.”

Crunchy Alternatives:

If you’re in the mood to explore some crunchy alternatives to tortilla options, look no further. Pretzel twists are a perfect choice, offering a satisfying crunch and a touch of saltiness that pairs beautifully with the spicy flavors of the dip. Crispy green beans are also a delightful option, providing a healthy twist to the classic pairing. Their crispy texture and fresh flavor add a unique element to the experience, making them a standout choice for your game day spread.

Bread And Dip Pairings:

When it comes to bread and dip pairings, sliced baguette is an excellent choice. Its crusty exterior and soft interior provide a delightful contrast to the creamy buffalo chicken dip. The bread’s absorbency also allows it to soak up the flavors of the dip, adding an extra layer of deliciousness.

If you’re looking to add some more variety to your dipping experience, consider serving potato skins alongside your buffalo chicken dip. The combination of crispy potato skins and creamy dip creates a mouthwatering bite that is sure to satisfy any craving.

Unique Twists:

If you’re looking to surprise your guests with some unique twists on traditional sides, consider incorporating nachos or broccoli poppers into your spread. Nachos provide an extra layer of crunch and a burst of cheesy goodness, taking your buffalo chicken dip to new heights. Meanwhile, broccoli poppers offer a healthier alternative with their crispy exterior and flavorful broccoli-filled interior. These bite-sized treats are sure to be a hit among both kids and adults alike.

  • Nachos provide an extra layer of crunch and a burst of cheesy goodness.
  • Broccoli poppers offer a healthier alternative with their crispy exterior and flavorful broccoli-filled interior.
  • These bite-sized treats are sure to be a hit among both kids and adults alike.

More Veggie Options:

For those who can’t get enough of vegetables, there are even more options to choose from. Sliced radishes offer a refreshing and slightly spicy component that pairs well with the bold flavors of the buffalo chicken dip. Cherry tomatoes are also a delightful addition, providing a burst of juicy sweetness that balances out the spiciness of the dip.

Additionally, if you’re in the mood for some grilled vegetables, consider serving grilled zucchini or even asparagus. Both options offer a smoky and charred flavor that adds a unique twist to your game day delights.

In conclusion, when it comes to enjoying Buffalo Chicken Dip, the options for side dishes are plentiful. From the classic choices of celery sticks and tortilla chips to the more unique pairings like grilled zucchini and broccoli poppers, there is something to suit every taste.

  • Sliced radishes
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Grilled zucchini
  • Asparagus
  • Celery sticks
  • Tortilla chips
  • Broccoli poppers

Frequently Asked Questions

What chips go with buffalo chicken dip?

When serving buffalo chicken dip, a variety of chips can be paired with this popular appetizer. Some excellent choices include Fritos scoops, tortilla chips, and pita chips. These options provide the perfect amount of crunch and a sturdy base for scooping up the delicious dip. Additionally, celery sticks and carrot sticks offer a refreshing contrast to the spicy flavors of buffalo chicken dip, while club and Ritz crackers provide a flaky and buttery accompaniment. The dip can also be enjoyed with toasted bread or baguettes for a heartier option, and mozzarella cheese sticks add a gooey and cheesy element to the overall snacking experience. Finally, pretzels offer a unique and salty flavor profile, making them a surprising yet fitting partner for buffalo chicken dip.

What pairs well with dip?

When it comes to pairing, matching the texture and flavor is key. Hearty dips are best complemented by sturdy dippers that can withstand their sumptuousness. Whether it’s the satisfying crunch of tortilla chips and thicker potato chips, the crispiness of crackers and toasts, or the delightful chewiness of bagel crisps and bread sticks, these dippers provide a solid foundation for the rich and flavorful dips. Don’t forget the fresh and healthy option of sliced apples and pears, along with raw veggies, as they add a refreshing contrast to the hearty dips, creating a perfect balance for your taste buds.

What do you eat with buffalo ranch sauce?

Buffalo ranch sauce pairs well with a variety of snacks and dishes. For a healthy option, try dipping celery and carrot sticks into the zesty sauce for a refreshing and crunchy combination. If you’re in the mood for something indulgent, you can’t go wrong with Popeye’s French Fries or cheesy breadsticks. For a homemade touch, consider serving buffalo ranch sauce alongside freshly baked crescent rolls or pita chips. If you’re craving a pizza night, the tangy sauce complements perfectly a buffalo chicken pizza. Lastly, for a comforting side dish, drizzle the sauce over a warm slice of White Lily cornbread or enjoy it with a slice of eggy bread. Whether you prefer light and crisp or rich and savory, buffalo ranch sauce has a versatile range of options to enhance your culinary experience.

What chips go best with dip?

One great chip and dip combination that stands out is sweet potato chips and tzatziki dip. The natural sweetness of the sweet potato chips complements the creamy and tangy flavors of the tzatziki dip, creating a delightful fusion of tastes. The slightly crispy texture of the chips also adds a satisfying crunch to the overall experience. Another enticing option is kettle chips and French onion dip. The robust flavors of the kettle chips pair remarkably well with the rich and savory notes of the French onion dip, making for a truly irresistible combination. The thicker cut of the kettle chips adds an extra dimension of texture that enhances the overall enjoyment of the snack.

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