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What Is Octopus Food Called and How Do They Hunt?

What Is Octopus Food Called?

The food that octopus is commonly used in or referred to as includes sushi, sashimi, karaage, stew, sour salad, takoyaki, akashiyaki, grilled dishes, tacos, tostadas, ceviche, polbo á feira, and À lagareiro.

Quick Tips and Facts:

1. Octopus food is called “cephalopod cuisine” in scientific terms. Cephalopod refers to a class of marine animals that includes octopuses, squids, and cuttlefish.
2. Octopuses have a peculiar hunting technique where they often use coconut shells as makeshift suits of armor. They carry the shells with them and use them as a hiding spot or shelter while hunting for food.
3. The favorite prey of octopuses are crabs, clams, and small fish but they are also known to dine on other octopuses, making them cannibalistic predators.
4. In some cultures, especially in Mediterranean cuisine, octopus is considered a delicacy and prepared in various ways. One notable dish is “Takoyaki,” a popular Japanese street food made with octopus pieces cooked inside doughy batter balls.
5. Octopuses are highly intelligent animals that can solve puzzles, use tools, and even mimic other creatures. They are known for their incredible problem-solving skills and ability to adapt to different environments.


Sushi is a popular Japanese dish that includes vinegared rice topped with a variety of ingredients, including seafood, vegetables, and sometimes octopus. Octopus, known as “tako” in Japanese, is a common component of sushi and can be served cooked or raw. When used in sushi, the octopus is typically sliced thinly and placed on a bed of rice, creating a delicious and visually appealing bite-sized piece.

In the traditional preparation of sushi, the octopus is first boiled to achieve tenderness. It is then sliced into thin pieces and placed on a small mound of rice. The combination of the slightly chewy octopus and the soft rice results in a delightful texture contrast. Additionally, sushi chefs often enhance the flavor by adding a touch of wasabi, soy sauce, or other condiments.

Octopus sushi is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed on its own or combined with other ingredients to create unique flavor combinations. It pairs well with ingredients like cucumber, avocado, and pickled ginger, adding an extra layer of complexity to the overall taste. Whether enjoyed as a standalone sushi or in a sushi roll, octopus brings a delightful seafood element to this beloved Japanese cuisine.


Sashimi is a popular Japanese dish that highlights the natural flavors of various seafood, including octopus. Unlike sushi, which includes rice, sashimi focuses solely on the raw fish or seafood itself. Octopus sashimi, also known as “tako sashimi,” is a delicacy prized for its fresh taste and tender texture.

To prepare octopus sashimi, the octopus is first thoroughly cleaned and then sliced into thin, bite-sized pieces. The chewiness of the octopus sets it apart from other types of sashimi. The thinly sliced octopus is typically served on a bed of shredded daikon radish to enhance its freshness. Sometimes, it is accompanied by a soy-based dipping sauce.

When savoring octopus sashimi, it’s important to appreciate the delicate balance between the seafood’s freshness and the mild brininess of the sea. Octopus sashimi offers a unique and refreshing flavor that seafood enthusiasts often find irresistible. Its subtle sweetness and chewy texture make it a staple in Japanese cuisine and a highly sought-after delicacy.


Karaage is a Japanese cooking method where various ingredients, including octopus, are marinated, coated with a seasoned flour mixture, and deep-fried to perfection. This popular dish is known for its crispy exterior and moist, flavorful interior. Octopus karaage, or “tako karaage,” is a delectable way to enjoy the unique taste and texture of octopus in a fried form.

To prepare octopus karaage:

  • The octopus is cut into bite-sized pieces and marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and other seasonings.
  • The marinated octopus is then coated with a flour mixture, often containing ingredients like cornstarch or potato starch, to achieve a light and crispy texture when fried.
  • After coating, the octopus is deep-fried until it becomes golden brown and crispy on the outside while remaining tender and juicy on the inside.

Octopus karaage is commonly served as an appetizer or side dish and is often accompanied by a dipping sauce, such as mayonnaise or a tangy citrus-based sauce. The combination of the crispy exterior and the succulent octopus creates a delightful contrast of textures that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a larger meal, octopus karaage offers a unique and flavorful take on deep-fried delicacies.

Remember to enjoy octopus karaage in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call octopus you eat?

Yumaktopus, a delicious dish made from the Yanagidako octopus, is the perfect addition to any culinary adventure. This fully cooked and cleaned octopus boasts tender and tasty sliced tentacles, with a pleasing red skin and creamy white meat. Whether incorporated into a refreshing salad, zesty ceviche, hearty soup, or delightful sushi roll, Yumaktopus adds a unique and flavorful touch to any dish, elevating the dining experience to new depths.

Is octopus a seafood or meat?

Octopus can be classified as a delectable seafood delicacy. With its unique texture and distinct flavor, it is a sought-after ingredient in many culinary cuisines. Notably, octopus’s low-calorie and low-fat attributes make it a healthy choice for seafood enthusiasts. Packed with ample amounts of protein and various nutrients, indulging in this delightful seafood can support not only heart health but also mental well-being and the gut microbiome. Therefore, octopus is unquestionably an exquisite selection from the vast array of seafood options available.

What is the name of fried octopus?

The name of fried octopus is takoyaki. This popular Japanese street food consists of small batter balls filled with diced octopus, cooked on a special takoyaki grill. The octopus-filled balls are then topped with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito flakes, creating a delicious and savory treat.

Is calamari a squid or octopus?

Calamari, a popular delicacy, is often mistaken for octopus. However, contrary to common belief, calamari is actually derived from squid. One easy way to differentiate between the two is that calamari is usually served in ring form, which is exclusively made from squid, while octopus meat is prepared differently.

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