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What Are Turkey Oysters? Discover the lesserknown delicacy

What Are Turkey Oysters?

Turkey oysters are small, tender pieces of meat located on the back side of a turkey, near the lower spine and thighs.

They are considered a chef’s treat and are prized for their tenderness and flavor.

Turkey oysters are larger and similarly tender compared to chicken oysters.

They have a taste similar to dark meat chicken but are extra juicy, succulent, and concentrated in rich turkey flavor.

They are described as the best part of the turkey and are boneless for cooking convenience.

Currently, they are available at Central Markets in Texas.

Quick Tips and Facts:

1. Turkey oysters are not actually oysters at all. Contrary to their name, they do not come from the ocean but from turkeys.
2. Turkey oysters are small, irregularly shaped pieces of dark meat located near the backbone of a turkey, just above the thigh.
3. The texture of turkey oysters is often described as tender and juicy, making them highly sought after by chefs and food enthusiasts.
4. Turkey oysters are sometimes referred to as “parson’s nose” or “pope’s nose” due to their shape, which resembles a bird’s beak.
5. In traditional Thanksgiving dinners, turkey oysters are considered a delicacy and are often reserved for those who truly appreciate the unique flavors and textures they offer.

What Are Turkey Oysters: Introduction To The Meat Delicacy

Turkey Oysters: A Hidden Culinary Gem

Turkey oysters, although lesser-known compared to other turkey cuts, are highly treasured by culinary enthusiasts for their exceptional tenderness and flavor. These small, tender pieces of meat are located on the back side of a turkey, near the lower spine and thighs.

Contrary to popular belief, turkey oysters are not actual oysters from the sea. Instead, the term “turkey oyster” refers to the specific portion of the bird. These boneless, round pieces of dark meat offer great cooking convenience.


  • Turkey oysters are hidden inside the turkey’s body, making them a delightful surprise for those in the know.
  • They are cooked in their natural juices, which helps to protect their tenderness and avoid scorching.
  • Due to this gentle cooking method, turkey oysters absorb plenty of natural flavors, resulting in an incredible taste experience.

Indulging in turkey oysters is akin to savoring a chef’s treat. Their succulence and concentrated turkey flavor make them an irresistible delicacy. For those seeking a unique and flavorful dining experience, turkey oysters are definitely worth exploring.

Remember, next time you come across a turkey, don’t forget to discover and relish the hidden gem known as turkey oysters.

Where Are Turkey Oysters Located: Back Side Of The Turkey Near The Spine And Thighs

To locate the turkey oysters, one must flip the cooked turkey over and examine the small bumps near the bottom of the backbone. Here lies a culinary treasure waiting to be discovered. Two circular-shaped, small pieces of dark meat can be found on the back of the turkey’s thigh, near the backbone. These perfectly hidden delicacies offer a unique texture and exceptional flavor that sets them apart from other parts of the bird.

As these oysters are located in a protected area, they roast in the natural juices of the turkey, ensuring they remain tender and juicy. Their positioning helps shield them from direct heat, allowing them to cook evenly without drying out. The result is a succulent, melt-in-your-mouth experience that will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

  • Turkey oysters are found near the bottom of the backbone
  • They are circular-shaped pieces of dark meat
  • Offer a unique texture and exceptional flavor

“Discover the hidden culinary treasure of turkey oysters.”

Similarities To Chicken Oysters: Comparison In Size, Tenderness, And Taste

Turkey oysters are similar to chicken oysters in terms of size, tenderness, and taste. However, turkey oysters are generally larger in size, offering a more substantial and satisfying bite. Their tenderness is comparable to chicken oysters, with the dark meat providing a rich, delicate texture that melts in your mouth. The cooking method further enhances their tenderness, keeping them juicy and succulent. In terms of taste, turkey oysters have a similar profile to dark meat chicken, but with added juiciness, succulence, and a concentrated turkey flavor. These factors combine to create a distinctive and robust flavor experience.

How To Locate And Remove Turkey Oysters: Technique For Accessing The Hidden Gems

Discovering and savoring turkey oysters is a delight that requires a bit of know-how. To access these hidden gems, begin by flipping the cooked turkey over. Locate the small bumps near the bottom of the backbone. These bumps indicate the presence of the oysters.

Using a sharp knife, carefully separate the connective tissue surrounding the oysters. Gently lift them away from the surrounding bones and tissues. The boneless nature of the oysters makes this process relatively easy, ensuring minimal effort to enjoy the reward. Once removed, the turkey oysters are ready to be savored, adding a touch of culinary excellence to any dish.

  • Flip the cooked turkey over
  • Locate the small bumps near the bottom of the backbone
  • Separate the connective tissue surrounding the oysters
  • Lift the oysters away from the surrounding bones and tissues

“Discovering and savoring turkey oysters is a delight that requires a bit of know-how.”

Assessment Of Turkey Oysters: Juiciness, Succulence, And Concentrated Turkey Flavor

Turkey oysters are often described as the best part of the turkey. The combination of their juiciness, succulence, and concentrated turkey flavor makes them highly sought after by chefs and enthusiasts alike.

When cooked properly, these oysters become a highlight of any meal, offering a tantalizing explosion of flavors.

These small cuts of dark meat possess an incredible ability to absorb the natural juices and flavors of the turkey. This results in a succulent bite that bursts with rich, concentrated turkey flavor. The tenderness of the oysters, coupled with their moistness, ensures a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Availability Of Turkey Oysters: Exclusive Offering At Central Markets In Texas

While turkey oysters may be a lesser-known delicacy, they can be found at Central Markets in Texas. This exclusive offering allows residents of the Lone Star State to indulge in the unique flavors of these prime cuts of meat. The availability of turkey oysters at Central Markets adds a touch of exclusivity to the culinary experience, making them even more desirable to those seeking an extraordinary taste adventure.

Turkey oysters are a hidden gem that adds a touch of culinary excellence to any dish. Their tenderness, succulence, and concentrated turkey flavor make them a chef’s treat and a delicacy for the discerning palate. By understanding their location, removing them with care, and savoring their exceptional flavors, one can unlock the full potential of turkey oysters and embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

  • Exclusive offering at Central Markets in Texas
  • Unique flavors of prime cuts of meat
  • Exclusivity adds to culinary experience
  • Culinary excellence and delicacy for the discerning palate
  • Unlock the full potential and embark on a culinary adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

What part of chicken is the oyster?

The chicken oyster is a hidden gem found on the back of the chicken’s thigh, nestled near the backbone. These two small circular pieces of dark meat are not only visually unique but also incredibly flavorsome. Often overlooked, the tenderness and succulence of the chicken oyster make it a culinary delight that surprises even the most discerning palates. Whether grilled, sautéed, or roasted, this small but mighty part of the chicken offers a delightful texture and rich taste that elevates any dish it is incorporated into.

How do you get turkey oysters?

To obtain turkey oysters, one must carefully locate and remove the roundish piece of dark meat that rests just above the hip socket bone of a turkey. Similar to other fowl, such as chicken or duck, there are two turkey oysters, one on each side of the bird. These flavorful delicacies can be easily extracted by gently popping them out from the shallow bone depression they sit nestled in, resembling a cradle. By delicately maneuvering around the hip socket bone, the turkey oysters can be savored and enjoyed in various culinary preparations.

Does Turkey have an oyster?

Yes, Turkey does have its own version of oysters known as “Turkish oysters.” These oysters are larger than regular oysters and possess a similar tenderness and delicious taste. Despite their delectable qualities, Turkish oysters are relatively unknown to many. However, for those fortunate enough to discover them, Turkish oysters offer a delightful culinary experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Do all chickens have oysters?

Contrary to popular belief, chickens do not possess oysters. While it is true that not many individuals are familiar with the existence of chicken’s oysters, the reality is that these delicacies are non-existent in the poultry kingdom. The notion of chickens having oysters is purely whimsical and has no basis in truth.

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