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What Aisle Is Grenadine In? Discover the Ultimate Cocktail Ingredient at the Store!

What Aisle Is Grenadine In?

The aisle in which grenadine is located can vary depending on the store.

In general, grenadine can be found in the condiment or mixer aisle, often near the cocktail ingredients or bar supplies.

However, it is always best to check with a store employee or consult the store’s aisle map for the most accurate location.

Grenadine can be purchased at various retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods, Safeway, Target, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Publix, and liquor stores.

Quick Tips and Facts:

1. Grenadine, a popular syrup used in cocktails, is not made from actual pomegranates. In fact, it is typically made from a mixture of red berries, such as raspberries and strawberries, which gives it its distinctive flavor and vibrant red color.

2. Despite its name, grenadine syrup does not contain any alcohol, making it suitable for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Its sweet and tangy taste adds a delightful twist to various drinks, from Shirley Temples to Tequila Sunrises.

3. The word “grenadine” originates from the French word “grenade,” meaning pomegranate. While modern grenadine may not contain real pomegranate juice, it was traditionally made from pomegranate juice, sugar, and water.

4. Grenadine has an interesting historical background, as it was once used for medicinal purposes. In the 19th century, it was believed that grenadine syrup could help alleviate symptoms of sore throat and cough, thanks to its soothing properties.

5. If you’re having difficulty finding grenadine in your local grocery store, it’s often found in the aisle with cocktail mixers and syrups, alongside other popular drink ingredients like margarita mix, tonic water, and simple syrup.


Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace, is a popular option for purchasing a wide range of products, including grenadine syrup. However, when it comes to locating grenadine on their website, you won’t find it in a physical aisle as you would in a brick-and-mortar store. Instead, you can easily find grenadine syrup by typing it into the search bar on Amazon’s homepage or navigating through the grocery section. Once you’ve found the listings for grenadine syrup, you’ll have the option to choose from various brands and sizes, often accompanied by customer reviews to help guide your decision. With just a few clicks, you’ll have grenadine shipped straight to your door, allowing you to whip up delicious cocktails from the comfort of your own home.


Walmart, the world-renowned retail giant, is a go-to destination for many households’ grocery needs. When searching for grenadine syrup at Walmart, you’ll find it in the beverage aisle, specifically alongside other mixers and syrups. Typically, Walmart stores stock grenadine syrup in both the bottled juice section and the alcohol section, catering to customers who may use grenadine for non-alcoholic beverages or cocktails. Whether you’re planning a party or looking to elevate your homemade cocktail game, a quick trip to your local Walmart will have you walking away with a bottle of grenadine syrup in no time.

  • Walmart is a world-renowned retail giant.
  • Grenadine syrup can be found in the beverage aisle at Walmart.
  • It is stocked in both the bottled juice section and the alcohol section.
  • Walmart caters to customers who may use grenadine for non-alcoholic beverages or cocktails.
  • Visiting your local Walmart is a convenient way to find grenadine syrup.

“A quick trip to your local Walmart will have you walking away with a bottle of grenadine syrup in no time.”

Whole Foods

Whole Foods, renowned for its emphasis on natural and organic products, is a haven for health-conscious individuals and those with discerning palates. However, finding grenadine syrup at Whole Foods might be a bit challenging. While some Whole Foods locations may carry grenadine syrup, it is not a guarantee. Unlike more mainstream syrups, grenadine may not align with the overall health-focused theme of the store, as it often contains artificial coloring and flavors. If Whole Foods does stock grenadine, you can typically find it in the juice and mixer section, adjacent to other syrups and cocktail essentials. If you’re unable to find grenadine in-store, you can always explore other options, such as online marketplaces or regular supermarkets.


Safeway, a grocery chain with numerous locations across the United States, offers a wide range of products, including grenadine syrup. You can easily locate grenadine syrup at Safeway by heading to the beverage or mixer aisle. There you’ll find grenadine stocked alongside other mixers, such as tonic water, soda, and flavored syrups. Safeway’s organized layout and clear aisle signage make it convenient to find everything you need for your cocktail endeavors. Whether you’re adding a splash of grenadine to a Shirley Temple or creating a complex cocktail masterpiece, Safeway has your grenadine needs covered.


Target, the popular retail store, offers a diverse selection of products for a wide range of consumers. If you’re looking for grenadine syrup, you can typically find it in the grocery section at Target, near the mixers and syrups. In some Target stores, you may also find grenadine in the alcoholic beverage aisle, catering to customers who primarily use it for cocktails.

Target’s well-designed layout, with clear signs and organized shelves, makes it easy to locate grenadine syrup. Whether you need it for a party or simply enjoy a refreshing grenadine-based beverage, Target is a reliable destination to find this essential cocktail ingredient.

  • Target is a popular retail store known for its diverse selection of products.
  • Grenadine syrup can be found in the grocery section, near mixers and syrups.
  • In some stores, grenadine may also be located in the alcoholic beverage aisle.
  • Target’s layout is well-designed with clear signs and organized shelves, making it easy to find grenadine syrup.
  • Target is a reliable destination for finding grenadine, whether for parties or personal enjoyment.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s, popular for its unique and specialty food items, may not consistently carry grenadine syrup. Due to the store’s emphasis on offering out-of-the-ordinary products, some Trader Joe’s locations may not have grenadine in their regular inventory. However, if you’re lucky enough to find grenadine syrup at Trader Joe’s, it can usually be found in the juice and mixer section, alongside other cocktail essentials. Keep in mind that availability can vary, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead and check if grenadine is in stock at your local Trader Joe’s. While Trader Joe’s is renowned for its distinct offerings, you may need to explore other stores or online options if they don’t have grenadine available.

To find grenadine syrup at various stores, the location may vary. While some stores, like Walmart and Safeway, clearly designate a specific aisle for grenadine in their beverage or mixer sections, others, like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, may have varying availability due to their unique product offerings. Online marketplaces such as Amazon provide convenience and a wide selection of brands and sizes. Target falls somewhere in between, typically stocking grenadine in the grocery section alongside other mixers and syrups. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the experience of browsing physical store aisles, there are plenty of options available to meet your grenadine needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What aisle is grenadine syrup in?

If you’re on the hunt for grenadine syrup, you’ll most likely find it in the mixer aisle amongst other non-alcoholic ingredients such as margarita mix and various syrups. However, if your search in the alcohol mixers proves fruitless, the next stop should be the section housing sparkling water, club soda, and seltzer. Keep an eye out for the distinctive red bottle and you’ll be on your way to creating delicious cocktails in no time.

What supermarkets sell grenadine?

While Sainsbury’s is known for selling Monin Grenadine Syrup in a 25cl bottle, there are other supermarkets as well that offer this delightful product. Tesco, for instance, stocks Monin Grenadine syrup in different sizes, providing customers with various options to choose from. Additionally, Asda is another supermarket where you can find grenadine syrup, including Monin’s offering, satisfying the preferences of different shoppers. So, if you are in search of grenadine syrup, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Asda are some of the supermarkets where you are most likely to discover this delicious product.

What is grenadine usually in?

Grenadine is typically found in a variety of non-alcoholic drinks as well, adding a touch of sweetness and vibrant flavor. It is commonly used in popular mocktails like Shirley Temple and Roy Rogers, elevating their taste with a pleasant burst of fruity goodness. Furthermore, grenadine finds its way into refreshing beverages such as lemonade, adding a delightful twist to the classic summer thirst-quencher. Its versatility allows grenadine to be an essential ingredient in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, making it a go-to choice for anyone seeking to add a touch of sweetness to their beverage of choice.

Is grenadine a liquor?

No, grenadine is not a liquor. It is a non-alcoholic syrup made from pomegranate juice and has a sweet tart flavor. Although it has a long history of use in cocktails and mocktails, it does not contain any alcohol itself. Grenadine adds a vibrant red color and a unique taste to various mixed drinks, making it a popular ingredient in the bartending world since its first mention in a cocktail in 1895.

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